Auto Currency Switcher is a currency app. Shopify does not allow any currency apps to manage anything at its checkout. Hence, Auto Currency Switcher works till cart page only.

However, the app is compatible with Shopify Multi Currency Checkout feature. If you enable it then the checkout will remain in your customer's local currency.

Also, if your store is based in country where Shopify Payments is not available then you can install our Multi Currency Checkout app.

With this app customers can pay in the currency they see on the store.

The subscription charges for Multi Currency Checkout are only $9.95 per month in addition to the charges of Auto Currency Switcher for the store owners and it charges 3% (2% by payment gateway and 1% by MLVeda) )as conversion rate to the customers in the converted prices itself.

All you need is a live account on Stripe or a Paypal Business Account to enable Multi Currency Checkout.

Checkout in your home currency will be processed by the payment gateway that you have already configured on your store in Shopify. Only the checkout in currencies other than the home currency shall be processed by Stripe/PayPal.

You can find the list of supported currencies by Stripe and PayPal on and respectively that the Multi Currency Checkout will support your country.

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