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How does user know if the link is of an AMP page or of a normal website ?

On a google page, if you see a page with symbol( little lightning bolt ) than the page is AMP page.

The normal page does not have this symbol. Moreover, if your store has FireAMP than, in URL AMP pages will have “fireamp”.

If FireAMP is installed than links will be as follows:

Product page link : https://{{shop.domain}}/apps/fireamp/products/{{product.handle}}

Collection page link : https://{{shop.domain}}/apps/fireamp/collections/{{collection.handle}}

Blog page link : https://{{shop.domain}}/apps/fireamp/blogs/{{blog.handle}}

Article page link : https://{{shop.domain}}/apps/fireamp/blogs/{{article.handle}}

Updated on: 11/27/2019

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