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What should be done to get AMP pages of product page only?

FireAMP comes with AMP pages for product, collections, blogs and articles.
To generate AMP pages for only product pages remove the following code from your theme.liquid (It will be near </head>)

{% if template contains 'collection' %}
<link rel="amphtml" href="//{{shop.domain}}/apps/fireamp/collections/{{collection.handle}}" >
{% endif %}
{% if template contains 'blog' %}
<link rel="amphtml" href="//{{shop.domain}}/apps/fireamp/blogs/{{blog.handle}}" >
{% endif %}
{% if template contains 'article' %}
<link rel="amphtml" href="//{{shop.domain}}/apps/fireamp/blogs/{{article.handle}}" >
{% endif %}

Updated on: 11/27/2019

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